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Age of Philadelphia


"I believe that in these last days, we will once again see and experience a mighty move of God. The truth is that Christians cannot live off of sensation meetings. In the book of Revelation, John writes a letter from Jesus to seven local churches and their Pastors. Philadelphia is the only one who received no criticism from Jesus but praise and encouragement only. This is how we want our church to be. With the help of this Discipleship Program, you will receive the knowledge necessary to transform into the believers that God has called us to be.”

-Dr. Todd J. Pulliam


  • Name: Dr. Todd J. Pulliam
  • Email: info@ToddJPulliam.com
  • Address: PO Box 25675
    Columbia, South Carolina 29224
  • Nationality: United States

Professional Profile

Apostle, Pastor, Prophet, Author, Teacher, Trailblazer, Pioneer, Husband, Father, Mentor and Community Leader.

Apostle, Pastor and Trailblazer - Dr. Pulliam is a sought after voice in the Body of Christ. He has been in ministry for over 24 years, 19 of those as a full-time pastor. A trailblazer in the field of race relations, in 1996 Dr. Pulliam pioneered a mighty work (Grace Covenant Worship Center), in Huron County, MI where he and his family were the only minorities in the county. Dr. Pulliam was blessed with a unique ministry and is called to bring unity to the Body of Christ, showcasing diversity among the believers. This uniqueness is shown in greatness through the diversity of the congregation he oversees as pastor and pioneer of his current ministry, Word Empowerment International in Columbia, SC. - founded in 1998. God has blessed him with the ability to see beyond a person’s physical appearance and appreciate their heart.

Prophet – As a spirit-filled man of God, Dr. Pulliam is gifted by the Holy Spirit to flow prophetically. Being used of God, he has spoken to the Body of Christ to warn of major events from 9/11, political elections, to major storms.

Author and Teacher – Dr. Pulliam has written over nine publications, geared towards strengthening the local church, and building and equipping the Believer. He has taught over 2,000 messages to the Body of Christ, developing the whole man (mind, body and soul). Teaching Believers how to use the Word to have complete victory in their lives is a gift that he freely imparts.

About He has founded and established: Total Life Institute, Customer Care Advocacy Group, Higher Heights Learning and Leadership Academy and TrueVine Media and Publication. Along with these works, he is in the process of starting the development of multiple non-profit 501c3 organizations or hubs that will work together to minister to communities and local churches.

Mentor – Dr. Pulliam has raised many sons and daughters in the faith who are responsible for impacting ministries globally, from senior pastors to administrators. He is adamant about developing the leadership potential in all who understand they have been called to be more than conquerors.

Community Leader - He has a heart for those in need. His extensive community work through the years includes…Special Olympics, Neighborhood Cleanups, Suicide Prevention Ministry, Health Fairs, Feeding the Homeless, etc.

Husband and Father - Dr. Pulliam has been married to his lovely wife Michell(who works alongside him in ministry) for over 25 years. Together they have raised three beautiful children (Kerington, Joel and Blake), whom they have raised in the work of the Lord and who now work full-time in ministry with their parents. They also have a son-in-law(Allyn), who also works with them full-time in ministry as well.

Dr. Pulliam attended Central Michigan University and William Tyndale College, and is a graduate of Asher School of Business and SMTI(Supernatural Ministries Training Institute). He has also received his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Theology from North Carolina School of Theology.



Throughout my years of serving Jesus, I've had the most amazing opportunites to teach and develop the Body of Christ with pioneered ministry works, leadership manuals and leadership of the Holy Spirit Here are a few "Milestones" to check out! .


● Authored: The Way of a Blue Ribbon Sheep - With the help of this book and the Bible you will receive a clear definition of the fastest and most accurate route for success in your walk with Jesus.

● Authored: Age of Philadelphia- Believer's Guide to Walking with Jesus- Yeshua - An 18 week lesson Discipleship Program for everyone from a new born again Christian to amature believer.

● Authored: Dedicated Work of an Elder - Guidelines for those who serve in the Elder’s position in the local church.

● Authored: Dedicated Work of a Minister on Staff - Guidelines for those who are called to serve as a Minister in the local church.

● Authored: Dedicated Work of a Deacon - Guidelines for those who serve as a Deacon in the local church.

● Authored: Dedicated Work of the Helps Ministry - Guidelines for those who serve in the Helps Ministry in the local church.

● Authored: Manual of Operations for the Local Church - Guidelines for those who serve in any outreach in the local church.

● Authored: The Real Truth and Ministry of Praise and Worship - A 6 week lesson on the ministry of Praise and Worship.

● Authored: The School of Ministry Manual - A 7 curriculum based manual for those who are seeking licensure and ordination in theministry work of the local church.

● Pioneered: Grace Covenant Worship Center in Elkton, MI. (My family were the only minorities in the county and ministry we pioneered.) (1996-1998)

● Extensive community work through the years including Special Olympics, Neighborhood Cleanups,Health Fairs, etc.

  • Worshipper
  • Pastor
  • Husband
  • Life Coach
  • Father
  • Community Leader

Fun Facts

I've included a few "fun facts" about myself and the works that I've been blessed to pioneer or be a part of.

Ministry Tithing Rate
Children Who Serve In Ministry (All serve in ministry)
Suicide Prevention Hotline Success Rate (Salvation Army)


20 Years Experience!

From Schools, to Ministry, to Corporate America, here's a snapshot of my visions developed to date!


over 2000 messages and teachings

Taught over 2,000 messages to the Body of Christ.
Founded/ Senior Pastor

Word Empowerment International

1998- Current
● Founder and Senior Pastor: Word Empowerment International.

Total Life Institute

EST. 2011
● Founder and Established: Total Life Institute

Higher Heights Learning and Leadership Academy

2005 - Present
● Founded: Higher Heights Learning and Leadership Academy - K4-12th Grade


Just My Education

Here you'll find a list of my educational influences and credentials throughout my times of service.

North Carolina
college of theology

Doctorate Degree

Graduated from North Carolina College of Theology with a Doctorate degree in Theology.
North Carolina
college of theology

Masters Degree

Graduated from North Carolina College of Theology with a Masters degree in Biblical Studies.
Supernatural Ministries
Training Institute

Supernatural Helps ministry

Graduate of Supernatural Ministries Training Institute of Midland, Michigan (established by Dr. Mark T. Barclay).
supernatural ministries
training institute

Ministerial practicalities

Graduate of Supernatural Ministries Training Institute of Midland, Michigan (established by Dr. Mark T. Barclay)
Asher School of Business

Computer Science

8/1988 - 6/1990
Graduated from Asher School of Business in Atlanta, Georgia with a diploma in Computer Science.
William Tyndale

Cont. Education

8/1992 - 6/1993
Attended William Tyndale University of Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Furthered education in sequential colleges listed.
Central Michigan

Basic Academics

5/1986 - 5/1988
Attended Central Midland University.  Furthered education in sequential colleges listed.


Visions and Ventures

With 20+ years of ministry and leadership comes a grace to deliver wisdom across many different platforms.  From Ministry Events to Corporate America, here are some of my outlets to reach, teach and develop leaders everywhere!


Let's Keep In Touch

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Todd J. Pulliam
PO Box 25675
Columbia, SC 29224


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